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We offer you award-winning, no-nonsense advice and some of the most flexible products on the market. That's why the providers of Your Choice Equity Release have achieved a 5/5 rating on Trustpilot.

The providers of Your Choice Equity Release are proud of their 5/5 Trustpilot rating

Exclusive rates for Your Choice customers. Read on to find out more.

If you’re interested in releasing equity from your home, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer advice on Lifetime Mortgages, the UK’s most popular type of equity release. Lifetime Mortgages are a long-term loan, designed for homeowners aged 55 and over. This flexible product allows you to release tax-free cash from your property while retaining full ownership, so you'll avoid the stress of moving in order to access the built-up value in your home.

We’re working with one of the most established and trusted Lifetime Mortgage lenders in the UK, Canada Life, to offer an award-winning range of products to suit your needs.

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Is it right for me?

A Canada Life Lifetime Mortgage may be right for you if:

  • A tax-free cash boost would allow you to achieve your goals. These could include making home improvements, paying off your existing mortgage, supporting loved ones, or making your life a little more luxurious.
  • You want the flexibility to choose whether to make payments, and the freedom to decide when and how much to repay each year.
  • You're concerned about the impact of interest building up and reducing the equity in your property.
  • You're planning to leave an inheritance to your loved ones.
  • Your home doesn't meet other lender's eligibility criteria, such as being listed, having a flat roof or being near commercial buildings.
  • Use our instant equity release calculator to see how much you could release and receive your free Your Choice guide to equity release.

Why choose a Canada Life Lifetime Mortgage?

  1. Choose to repay up to 12.5% each year.
  2. Enjoy a one-off, tax-free cash payment.
  3. Add a cash reserve to access money later.
  4. Optional 3% cashback.

Things to consider:

  • By accessing some of the equity in your home now, there will naturally be less available to your estate in the future.
  • If you are in receipt of means-tested benefits then your entitlement may be affected if you release equity.
  • Our advisers talk through all the potential risks and possible benefits of a Lifetime Mortgage so you can come to a fully informed decision.

What makes Your Choice different?

We will compare your other options

  • Our advisers will talk to you about why you're looking to release equity and will compare a Lifetime Mortgage to the other options available to you, including downsizing and utilising existing savings.

Market-leading protection

  • Our advisers have to prove that a Lifetime Mortgage is the right option for you, and if our fully qualified file reviewers aren’t persuaded, they have to check again.

Exclusive products

  • Canada Life offer flexible features exclusively to Your Choice customers. These include the option to make larger voluntary repayments in comparison to many other lenders.

Exclusive interest rates

  • We also have a bespoke agreement in place where Canada Life offer exclusive lower interest rates to our Your Choice customers.

No pressure service.

“Richard Johnson was my Equity Release advisor, who I can genuinely say, did a thoroughly professional job in keeping me informed, raising the pitfalls, as well as the advantages of the various options, and monitoring the paperwork throughout this process. I do not normally write reviews, unless I feel the service was exceptional.”

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot

Mr. Sharratt

Cumbria, England

Find out how much tax-free cash you could be eligible for and receive a free copy of our guide.

Equity release FAQs.

Your questions answered

Equity release is becoming increasingly popular, as UK homeowners look to take advantage of their property wealth to fund their later life ambitions. However, equity release products are still not widely understood and are often the subject of decades old myths concerning safety, how much you can release and how much you could owe. Below we have listed some of the main questions our customers have when considering releasing equity.

The amount that you can borrow depends on the value of your home and the age of the youngest homeowner on the deeds. In some cases it could also be impacted by your health. To be eligible the youngest homeowner must be aged 55 or over, and the property must be worth at least £70,000.

We will work to find the plan that best suits you based on your personal circumstances. There are a number of different types of Lifetime Mortgage product, based on how you want to release the funds and what features will be a priority for you.

Lifetime Mortgages have no fixed end date and the mortgage balance is due for repayment once the last homeowner on the deeds has either passed away or entered into long-term care. Typically, this is achieved through the sale of the property.

Speak to the experts.

Before meeting with an equity release adviser, the Information Team are on hand to assist you with your enquiry. It's their job to provide you with an overview of how equity release works and to help find out if your property could be eligible.

Where possible, they can also provide more accurate estimates of how much you could release. After your chat with the Information Team, they can also help you to book in a no-obligation appointment with one of our fully qualified equity release advisers.

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